dear visitor!

I’m currently doing a re-design of this. It mean’s what you see is under construction and might be placed on another page when visiting again. Same goes for the text written for now; I didn’t payed much attention to the spelling and grammar; sorry for that, but in any way you might understand what it deals about, right? And that’s actually the point, even projects are not complet at the moment. You’re welcome to come back soon and check out my work.

As I have an eye for the very exact detail and understand good art direction, it could probably last a little longer that I plan by myself – but good things need the time they need. If you’re not totally weirded out by that, well you’re welcome to call me to talk about your upcoming project.

Anyway – meanwhile, you might want to get an impression about who I am?! Then, just keep on reading below…

André Julien, WHO?

André Julien Allmannsberger was born in Germany in 1991, raised in France from 1995 and discovered photography in 2005. He finished high school in 2009.
In 2011 André moved to Dortmund where he started an apprenticeship to learn more about light and shadow – he didn’t and dropped it quick, to take it by himself.
A year later in 2012 he began to study at HBKsaar, the university of fine Arts in Saarbrücken.
While gaining money with several side jobs to get the rent of his apartment such as all the food he needs to get payed, André decided to start his own business in 2013 to earn money with stuff he really enjoys and is interested in.
André Julien finished his studies in 4 years instead of 5, in 2016, as Dipl. Designer (which actually is a master degree). This degree is internationally better known as Master of fine Arts, in the department of advertising and communication design. // Pour marquer le point à la compréhension Française, André est diplômé bac +5 / DSAA Concepteur, d’infographie, design et de stratégies de communication.

Just to make the point – André has not stopped there and pushed his knowledge much further… Also he loves foreign languages and has a natural everyday use of English, French and German. In addition to that he got a first take on Spanish.


Phone – +49 (0) 173 16 16 021
Email – a.allmannsberger(at)hbksaar.de